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A Reliable Company

Since its creation in 2005 in Sierre, E.C.R.IN.S. SA is dedicated to its customers in the field of business intelligence. The serene and stable growth of the company reflects our desire to focus on the quality of our experts over quantity.

The numerous projects we have completed have enabled us to develop an excellent understanding of most functional areas, but also to adapt solutions matching the size and type of the company. Our mission and goal is to always provide high added value solutions for decision-makers and managers, based on an efficient and easy-to-maintain architecture for their IT department.

It’s with a pragmatic approach that we favor AGILE methodology by using iterative prototypes that deliver quick results and prove to users that our solutions are scalable and flexible.

Our expertise in the field of business intelligence on SAP BW, BO, HANA and SAC is certified by our privileged partnership with SAP training for many years. This partnership allows us to stay up-to-date and to be at the forefront of the publisher’s BI tools.